You Don’t Know What You Got ‘Til Its Gone

We here at your friendly neighborhood record store generally eschew opportunities to share our political views — our thought is that its hardly our place to tell people what to listen to, so who are we to tell anyone how to vote? But that ever-charming ol’ 80s Dylan was right, “we live in a political world” (and, ya know, looking back we stand by our defense of Oh Mercy posted just after the Paris terror attacks of January 2015). That political world seeps into our daily lives, and in this near-daily blog about records we sometimes struggle to stifle that impulse to express our feelings.

That said, in exactly six months we will inaugurate a new President of our great nation. It will be one of two candidates who are so widely loathed by the majority of the American people that the situation we find ourselves in is utterly unfathomable. Take a look at this Gallup Poll chart of candidate approval ratings if you have doubted the news story’s about the alarming unpopularity of each major party candidate. Months ago we read this convincing case for offering voters the option of “None of the Above” on ballots — this isn’t a satirical scene from Brewster’s Millions but an actual article in the National Review!

And ol’ Barry O., who has gone grey speaking to the nation following a mass shooting seventeen times, he’s not looking so bad. Well, he’s looking older — look at the difference between this man announcing policy proposals after the first Fort Hood shooting in November 2009 and this exhausted man speaking about the Orlando nightclub shooting last month. We really cannot imagine either of the current candidates offering us condolence after the next such tragedy.

Any time we feel afraid for the future, we take a little solace in our record collection. It’s like our “safe place.” And that’s why these two albums hit our turntable after we saw that Gallup Poll chart.

bad reputation

ladies of the canyon

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