The first thing which caught our eye on this sleeve inside a copy of the Jackson 5’s Looking Back LP was the mail-in opportunity to be “Jermaine’s Personal Soul-Mate,” since by most accounts Jermaine had a lot of ‘soul-mates’ in those days. Michael, on the other hand, was too little for that. As he famously said in an interview years later when asked about whether there was an actual Billie Jean:

Billie Jean is kind of anonymous. It represents a lot of girls. They used to call them groupies in the ’60s. They would hang around backstage doors, and any band that would come to town they would have a relationship with, and I think I wrote this out of experience with my brothers when I was little. There were a lot of Billie Jeans out there. Every girl claimed that their son was related to one of my brothers.

Anyways, the best thing about this sleeve is the word “Tito-riffic!” Unfortunately, our search online didn’t turn up the Tito poster advertised in this sleeve, so we’ll have to imagine what “Tito-rific!” looks like.

We did, however, come across this poster for a City Councilman in Boston. Tito Jackson, who is about twenty-two years younger than the third oldest member of the famous Jacksons, is of no relation. He has successfully made a name for himself in his district, and is running for Mayor of Boston this fall.


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