Time Enough at Last

We’re sure thankful that the weather for our block party last Saturday was so beautiful, because here we are just a few days along in the calendar and it’s darn cold and rainy out there.

While we had nothing but good luck as far as the weather was concerned, on Sunday morning something unfortunate befell our turntable at home. Turns out the cartridge on the player in our living room has finally pooped out. It’s an old Shure V-15 Type II, and while we’ve always been able to get new needles for it they haven’t made the cartridge itself since the sixties.

We haven’t decided what to replace it with, and in the mean time we felt like Burgess Meredith at the end of that Twilight Zone where the end of the world has finally afforded him the time to read in peace. Here we are in this house with thousands of records, and the turntable isn’t working.



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