The Night Before Christmas on Sesame Street

sesame streetHoliday records are filled with various re-tellings of “A Visit from Saint Nicholas,” the 1823 poem published anonymously which has become one of the most familiar pieces of American literature.

We collected several, this one included, in a post last year. We have also already posted about the Sesame Street Christmas album here, which is one of several records we play every year.

Many families have a favorite holiday album, and we hear a lot of stories about them this time of year as people come in to buy a second copy or a replacement copy. Often someone will say their parents played a certain album every year and its a tradition they wish to carry on with their own children.

Our other favorite albums to play every year include Season’s Greetings from Perry Como (his first Christmas album from 1959) and the Esquivel record we posted last week.

By this time of the year the Christmas albums are pretty picked over, but there’s still a lot of gems left here in the shop. It’s a fun time of year to see people buying all kinds of music not just for themselves, but for their friends and families.

This second track is for everyone who’s feeling like a grouch or grinch this Christmas.


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