The “Let it Be” house

In recent weeks local media has been swooning over the Replacements’ reunion tour, a limited series that does not include a show in Minneapolis. We’re a little gristled about it all, given our sour feelings after tossing away fifteen bucks on Songs for Slim, a record that’s sure to be little more than a place-filler in our collection. It’s great that it raised some money for replacement Replacement Slim Dunlap — and bless ‘im, this is the first disappointing Replacements record he didn’t contribute to — but it’s hardly a reunion when you’re hearing two of four original members. How would you respond, we ask, if Paul and Ringo toured calling themselves the Beatles?

Local music media has run an overwhelming series of laudatory posts about the band, while carefully avoiding the subject of drummer Chris Mars, who is not participating in the “reunion.” His track on the disappointing five-track EP was recorded with a different group here in Minneapolis.

Two recent features have celebrated the uptown house where Bob and Tommy Stinson lived. It was featured on the cover of their 1984 album, Let it Be.

Tommy Stinson Visits Let it Be House

Tigerox Recreates Iconic Let it Be Album Cover

If they had searched around a little longer they might have found this post from the Hymie’s blog three years ago. It included a photograph of our family on the roof, which has been hanging in the shop ever since. Let it Be is still one of our favorite records!


i will dare

“I Will Dare” by the Replacements


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