So if you’ve been in the shop lately or you were at our Winter Record Sale at the Triple Rock on Saturday night (what fun!) you probably noticed our newest T-shirts, which are the first black T’s we’ve made.  The day after Jeremy, our kick-ass T-shirt guy brought them in (he works for records!) Lisa the mail lady brought another T I’d been waiting and waiting and waaaaaaaaaiiiiting for…


Sweet!  Hymie’s Deli in Merion, PA is one of the best delis in the Philadelphia area, not so far from the one-time site of Bryn Mawr’s Main Point coffee house where awesome live recordings by Springsteen, John Prine, and others were broadcast on WMMR only to be bootlegged and enjoyed by successive generations.  Hymie’s – the other Hymie’s – is known for it’s pastrami and if you read their menu you’ll probably want to have breakfast there.  In fact, don’t click on that link above if you’re don’t want to become hungry in the next couple minutes.

When I heard about Hymie’s Deli I sent them one of our T-shirts and a little note.  Months later I finally received another in return (they had to wait for their new ones to be screened).  And now I have a favorite T-shirt.

And that got me thinking about the T-shirts that you see on records.  I thought of a few favorites…

John Denver

Lynyrd Skynyrd. Yeah, they all died. Sad.

Cover of the Suicide Commandos Make A Record – "Fridley Girls Softball"

Another local group – Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band.


Okay, the rule about wearing your own T-shirt is suspended when you're band is so freakin' awesome that you're the Clash.

Craig Degree – inside a Crosby/Nash album.

The Turtles



George Carlin's "Toledo Windowbox" T-shirt – two sided!

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