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So in February We posted a collection of country performers playing the Rolling Stones that included some of my favorite songs.  At the time we said the Stones cut right to the bone, and that’s what makes their songs so easy for us to identify with.  Most Jagger/Richard songs are about something we can understand, which isn’t something you could say about most artists who have made 24 albums.

And Hot Rocks, Big Hits and Fazed Cookies, Sucking in the 70s and all the other compilation albums are full of favorites, but the Stones are so good even the random album tracks are memorable.  Today’s playlist includes a few of my favorites.  There’s not any unifying theme – Today’s playlist is just a reason to collect a few great songs.  Here then are some favorite “non-greatest hits” Rolling Stones songs.

“Connection” from Between the Buttons.  A cover of this song by Montrose was already posted in February, and while we like that record a lot its nearly impossible to top a Stones original.  “Connection” is our favorite thing on the fifth Rolling Stones album, although its in pretty fantastic (If overlooked) company.


“Almost Hear You Sigh” from Steel Wheels.  This is kind of an interesting track because even though this album reunited Mick Jagger and Keith Richards after a couple disappointing solo projects, “Almost Hear You Sigh” is credited to a third writer as well – Steve Jordan, a drummer Keith worked with on Talk is Cheap and Main Offender, is a rare addendum to the familiar Jagger/Richards credit.

almost hear you sigh

“Dead Flowers” from Sticky Fingers.  While we think Between the Buttons is an underrated record, we think this one is not everything its made out to be – The most memorable thing about Sticky Fingers is its jacket, and when all is said and done our favorite song is “Dead Flowers”.

dead flowers

“Dear Doctor” from Beggar’s Banquet.  “Help me, please doctor,” the song begins.  “There’s a pain where there once was a heart,” and the situation doesn’t get any better from there.  Most of Beggar’s Banquet implies exhaustion and despair – Especially “No Expectations” and “Jig Saw Puzzle”, each of which should have been bigger hits than the album’s two successful singles.  “Dear Doctor” brings it all home by saying “I’m damaged”.

dear doctor

“All About You” from Emotional Rescue.  If anyone else made this album, it would be considered a cry for help.  “All About You” is maybe our pick for the all time best Stones album closer.

all about you

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