Starting a new life

starting a new lifeWe never saw any reason to own a copy of Tupelo Honey because our favorite song was on the flip side of this 45. “Starting a New Life” is in fact our all-time favorite Van Morrison songs, barely edging out “Dweller on the Threshold,” but we never listen to it. That’s because when someone very important to us passed away, we found a copy of Tupelo Honey in his truck, along with Don Williams’ Greatest Hits Volume II.

Yeah, this is an ironic song to listen to in remembrance, but sometimes those are the best songs because they remind you to be thankful for the time you’re blessed to have, and to not squander a single second of it. If we took anything from the tragedy which fell upon us all those years ago, it was to stop wasting our time and pursue our dreams.

Its time to start clearing out the garden, after all, and there’s just about nothing in this world that feels as good as getting your hands back into the soil when springtime finally arrives. One year our crocus bloomed this very weekend, but it’s barely peeking up this morning — still he’s down there, along with all our other familiar friends under the ground, no doubt as eager as us to greet the sunshine of a new season.

We don’t mean to play on words, but growing a garden really keeps you grounded. It also keeps you busy, because there’s always going to be work to do. Talk about tragically optimistic songs, one of John Lennon’s most famous lines comes from his last album: “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” Whether you pay attention to it or not your garden will keep growing, so you’d better keep on top of those weeds.

We’ve got some friends expecting, including a former Hymie’s employee. We remember how exciting the anticipation is, but our little ones aren’t so little anymore. One day you wake up and its time, and in a flash years go by and you’re watching them get on the school bus. At the same time, another day the phone’s gonna ring and you’ll get the worst news of your life. Blind Willie McTell was right, “you just as well better get ready.”

There won’t be a post tomorrow morning, because we’ll be too busy clearing out the leaves and trash. On Monday we’ll be announcing the fourteen bands playing our fifth annual Record Store Day block party, which we think is going to be the best yet. There’s not a person on that bill we wouldn’t consider a friend, and not an act we wouldn’t consider one of the very best in town. We’ll also be collaborating with our new neighbors, Peppers & Fries, this year, along with all the other familiar East Lake businesses who have supported the event through the years. We hope you’ll tune in (or click in or whatever) and we especially hope you’ll join us again on April 18th to eat, drink and be merry.


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