Songs from Craig’s tapes

Craig gave me a beer case full of tapes he’s had in his garage for a while which has been fun listening.  A lot of the cassettes are things I left in his apartment when I moved out nearly a decade ago and on them are songs from records I’ve lost or sold.

Oblivion was a great group from Chicago and I must have had several of their records.  Here are a few tracks from the tapes from Craig’s garage. The first track was on a record called Full Blown Grover which came out on lovable blue (but not furry) vinyl and the second from an album a year or so later.

Download Link

Download Link

Maybe there’s a box of tapes somewhere in your garage or attic – You ought to dig through it and hear some of the music you left behind along the way.  (Yep, that’s Craig’s garage in the picture!)


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