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Yeah, we’re thrilled to be named in the City Pages‘ “Best of the Twin Cities” issue, appearing today.  What’s really exciting for us is that we’re in a lot of familiar company, as several East Lake businesses also received a the honor (Including T’s Place, Leviticus, and Merlin’s Rest, where we had our Record Store Day nightcap).  Its like the Precision Tune says, “East Lake is Great / How’s your timing belt?

The fact that the Mayor proclaimed April 16th to be Hymie’s Vintage Records Day in the city of Minneapolis meant more to me than I could possibly express.  I remember the day that Laura and I closed on our house (Ten blocks from the record shop), and the pride that I felt in owning a tiny little section of my hometown.  I’m completely shameless in terms of promoting my neighborhood and my hometown, and just this afternoon spent a while talking to customers from Italy about things they should see in Minneapolis while they’re visiting.

I have a list of favorite sites in Minneapolis that I recommend to out of town customers – Minnehaha Falls (One of the best parks in America), Al’s Breakfast (Probably the best diner in America), Vintage Music, and Palmer’s Bar all come to mind right away.

I also have a list of favorite songs about Minneapolis – Some of which have already appeared on this site (“Minneapolis” by the Ray Charles Singers, for instance).  I set out this evening to collect some of them but what I came up with was an interesting comparison.

The Annandale Cardinals closed their awesome set outside the shop on Saturday with “Kayla Baker and I”, a song from their first disc, Home.  In it, Tyler sings about flying/driving his “ass back home to Franklin and Chicago”.  We all love to hear about our hometown in songs and the Cardinals deliver.

05 Kayla Baker and I

I started to thinking favorite songs about the Twin Cities a couple weeks ago while I was biking through downtown to catch Molly Maher and the Disbelievers at Nye’s.  I was listening to one of the tapes Craig pulled out of his garage and heard Pinhead Gunpowder’s “Mpls Song” (Which was on a Lookout! 7″ I probably lost fifteen years ago).  Pinhead Gunpowder was a sweet Bay area “supergroup” that included Green Day’s Billie Joe and Aaron Cometbus.

Cometbus is truly one of the best writers of his generation, and no stranger to our fair city  Cometbus #31 takes place largely while he was living here and #46 is a study of the Hard Times Cafe (He describes himself as a “punk anthropologist”).  I don’t think I’ve ever been downtown while listening to Billie Joe sing “Iggy Pop is playing downtown / And I’m outside in the rain listening and lookin’ around”.  There’s a lot of similarity between the Annandale Cardinals’ songs and the ones Cometbus wrote with Pinhead Gunpowder, Shotwell Coho, and other bands.  The very best songs were with Crimpshrine, one of my all time favorite punk rock bands.  Anyway, “Mpls Song” is sincere portrait of traveling, and homesickness which happens to take place while waiting for the 6C bus.

mpls song


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