Six sultry, sexy singles

The 45 is the most sensual record. In its immediate intimacy it’s the record that appeal to your base desires and simplest emotions. It never asked to be art.

The 45 is the only record that doesn’t look down upon its listener. It aspires to serve and please him or her. It is the whore of the records, quiet in its disdain for fancy LPs and smug 10″ EPs. It is the only record you can trust, let alone love.

indoor sport

(“Indoor Sport” by Jo Stafford)


(“Fever” by Peggy Lee)


(“Hunger” by Jayne Meadows)

back door

(“Back Door” by Gloria Wood)

i want to be evil

(“I Want to be Evil” by Eartha Kitt)

stop whistlin wolf

(“Stop Whistlin’ Wolf” by Eve Boswell)

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