Shoot into the Sun

It Friday the 13th but we’re feeling pretty lucky this morning. Wanna know why? Because tonight we get to go to an awesome five-band show at the Hexagon Bar. And it’s not just any ordinary five-band bill at the Hex, the awesome Now People from New York will play, and it’s a “record release show” for Lutheran Heat.

And we’re so lucky today that we already have copies of this great new single in stock. This is a much-anticipated record around here because Lutheran Heat knocks us out every time we’ve heard them, and they’ve even performed here in the shop (told you we were lucky). Everyone here has loved the scattered tracks they have on a bandcamp page (click here), which incidentally have been collected onto a lovely little cassette you’ll find here at your friendly neighborhood record shop. Yep, we’re real lucky.

Lutheran Heat is a little jangly, a little power pop-y, and a whole lot of fun. We love this band for the same reasons we love Mystery Date and Chokecherry — all three bands are crafting catchy, memorable tunes which reflect a lot of passion and energy without falling into the gloomy shoegaze-y rut kids are calling rock and roll these days. Lutheran Heat’s songs are especially singable, and especially air guitar-able too.

Betcha want to hear the second side now, huh? It’s great. You’ll have to shake your rear down to the Hexagon tonight and catch Lutheran Heat along with four other great bands, and they’ll be glad to sell you a copy. Can’t make it or afraid to go out on Friday the 13th? Come one by this weekend and you can get a copy.

lutheran heat


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