Remember Pearl Harbor


This morning’s Star Tribune included a piece from the Tribune News Service about Carl Vinson, a Georgia Congressman who led the effort to fund an expansion of America’s Navy between 1934 and 1940. It was due to this foresight that the United States so quickly recovered from the devastation at Pearl Harbor and was able to fight a war on both oceans in the following years. A thousand-foot aircraft carrier with a compliment of more than six thousand service men and women bears his name today.

It’s a detailed but brief historical story we recommend to anyone who may be interested. There are of course many other remarkable stories to mark the seventy-sixth anniversary of the “day which will live in infamy,” including witness accounts by survivors and the recently discovered wreck of the USS Ward in the Philippines. The Ward is believed to be the first ship to fire at the Japanese, after it discovered a submarine about an hour before the notorious sneak attack at Pearl Harbor. It was later destroyed by a kamikaze attack in 1944.


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