Prairie Dawn shuts Grover down. Bam.

From The Sesame Street Fairy Tale Album:

prairie dawn shuts grover down

Prairie Dawn is right. She goes on to tell her own fairy tale about a little girl who saves a town from a nasty dragon by singing to him. I hope our little girl grows up understanding that there aren’t princes and princess in every story, and that princesses can do more than get stuck in castles and captured by dragons.


According to Muppet Wiki – which is a real thing, by the way – Prairie Dawn is seven years old. She has been appearing on Sesame Street since 1971, often directing pageants starring her friends Bert, Ernie and Cookie Monster. Prairie Dawn and Cookie were paired together for a segment in seasons 33-37 in which she helped Cookie explain the letter of the day but was unable to prevent him from eating it.

Also on Muppet Wiki I learned that Prairie Dawn wears “Days of the Week” underwear: “When Joey Mazzarino checked under her dress for the Henson stitch at The Paley Center for Media (for a screening of Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey), he was asked by Tau Bennett why. Prairie replied, “He was just checking to see what day of the week it was!”

I feel dirty just for knowing that.

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