One way to make sure nobody plays a record

I love a written-upon record but it seems like ages since we posted on here on the website.  Here’s a single by Ronnie McDowell from a radio station library that came through the shop recently.  Those blue lines are all ballpoint pen.  Somebody must have been awfully bored while working the third shift…

The same collection had several singles I was excited to hear, only to find “no!  no!  no!” written on one side and razor marks cut across the grooves.  I suppose that’s one way a station manager could make sure a cut never made it on the air.  The destroyed sides included “Up Goes the Bottle” and “The Girl at the End of the Bar” by Conway Twitty, not particularly inappropriate songs but a little gloomy I guess.  George Jones redid the second one on his 1983 album Jones Country, but I haven’t found a copy of the original. “Up Goes the Bottle” of course is on several Conway collections, but I’d like to have a nice 45 of it to play every third Monday of the month when I spin records for the Cactus Blossoms at the Turf Club.

Another record I’d like to have for those sets was in that collection but also cut and marked – it was “Bleep You” by one of my favorite country singers, Cal Smith.  This one broke my heart because it’s near the top of my 45 “wish list”.  Ironically, this one doesn’t need to be edited for radio.  Guess the station manager was just a jerk.


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