Choices, choices

Quick reminder that Kitten Forever and Hollow Boys are going to be playing here at Hymie’s on Friday night starting at 7pm. Kitten Forever has an awesome new album out (a double 7″ record!) that you can hear by clicking on their link.

I’m pretty sure I had the first half dozen Boris the Sprinkler singles when I sold all my punk rock records to Hymie in the late 90s. In retrospect selling records to go to college was a stupid idea.

do you wanna grilled cheese

I’m also fairly certain the fact I brought in records like “Do You Wanna Grilled Cheese?” is why Hymie probably thought I was a dumbass kid. I loved Boris the Sprinkler, though, especially because they were such a fun live act. Frontman Rev. Nørb was also my favorite writer for Maximumrocknroll. His column was so densely packed with hilarity and bizarre punk rock references as to provide entertainment through an entire bullshit high school class (except the horribly tedious “Enriched Novels,” which was so mind-numbingly boring as to require a student to read George Tabb’s column as well, just to sustain consciousness). An example of Nørb’s hilarious column can be found here, if you’re interested.

Somewhere I outgrew Rev. Nørb and Boris the Sprinkler. It’s really not the kind of music you’re into when you have a job and wife and kids, I suppose. Having earlier this summer  seen another high school favorite (Man…or Astroman?) at the Turf Club, I am nonetheless looking forward to Nørb’s show there on Friday. It helps a lot that a favorite local band of ours, Narco States, is playing an opening set!

The problem is the Hexagon has a pretty awesome six-band bill, which includes Fuck Knights, Iguano and Wizards Are Real.

If only we could be in two places at once!

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    Norb is still going strong, as you’ll no doubt discover Friday night. You ought to check out his book. (if he doesn’t bring copies along).

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