spiderman is born

You’re hearing a story from this classic Peter Pan LP, Spidey Super Stories. Everybody enjoys the story of Spider-Man’s origin, especially when it is told in such a hilarious manner, but I also wanted to share this record because yesterday when my son was listening to it I recognized the voice of the narrator.

Yes, it’s actor Morgan Freeman, Academy Award winner (five time nominee) narrating that old Spider-Man record. Everybody’s gotta start somewhere, and apparently a lot of stars made records for kids (we discovered Michael Dorn, Star Trek’s Worf, on a Star Wars record last year – hear it here).

And the appearance of Morgan Freeman on a Spider-Man record actually makes a lot of sense to people about my age – see Spidey Super Stories were a recurring feature on TV’s Electric Company, a a children’s program where Freeman started his career, appearing as Easy Reader, Vincent the Vegetable Vampire, and of course …

Mel Mounds the DJ:

Yep. We all start somewhere.

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