More “More cowbell!”

In February we had fun finding songs with sweet cowbell parts as a tribute to the famous Saturday Night Live sketch in which Will Ferrell plays the hell out of a cowbell as a member of Blue Öyster Cult.

The songs we posted were only the tip of the iceberg, of course. As we reported in that post, the cowbell could possibly be one of our oldest musical friends. Archaeologists date cowbells to the Iron Age, around the same time as the creation of the Indian Vedas and the earliest parts of the Hebrew Bible.

This second collection of cowbell songs shows just how pervasive they are across genres. In some cases you’ll have to wait a while for the cowbell, and in other cases there’s a whole lot of it. One song only has cowbell in the introduction. In at least one case we’re not certain it even is a cowbell we’re hearing, but it’s a good song.

bar kays as one

“As One” by the Bar Kays and “What’s so Never the Dance” by Bootsy Collins (a favorite of ours).


“90mph” by Estus. Playing that cowbell is none other than Marc Steven Bell, who was re-christened Marky Ramone in 1978. This album was recorded five years earlier.

turtles shed rather

“She’d Rather be With Me” by the Turtles

black sabbath bad brains

You have to wait a while to hear Bill Ward hit that cowbell on “The Wizard,” from Black Sabbath’s first album, but when he does in the middle of a sweet run it’s all worth the wait.

“Pay to Cum” by Bad Brains

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