At any given time there’s at least a hundred thousand LPs in the shop for your browsing pleasure.  100,000 records you can take to the listening station and sample (this is, assuming an average album length of thirty-five minutes, just over six and a half years worth of listening entertainment).  If I were you I wouldn’t bother with a record store that doesn’t have a listening station.

Fortunately for Laura and I, few regulars fail to put the records they’ve played back where they belong.  That’s good because it’s hard to keep everything in order, given the size of the shop and the nuances of it’s layout and our organization of the browsers.  Still, from time to time, records wind up in the wrong place (hopefully it’s not the one you’ve been looking for).

Sometimes the wrong record is in the jacket, and some of the mismatches make you think…

all by myself excerpt

Of course, this is a little more conceptional than what we usually do here at Hymies Records dot com.  I mean, you have to put it together.  Eric Carmen is singing about being “aaaawwwwl by myself” and Jackson Browne really is all by himself in a crowd.

lady excerpt

Less of a “thinker”.


kill the king edit

heart attack man edit

If you think this one was offensive (Tiny Tim died of a heart attack on stage, here in Minneapolis in 1996) then you should probably skip the next couple…

burning love edit

Man I wish I had ten dollars for every time some know-it-all with a copy of the ultra-rare discontinued “flames” jacket came into the shop demanding a fortune – Yeah, ten bucks would be perfect because that’s about what they should sell for.

misfits last caress excerpt

Actually, in his defense what Phil Spector said to the limo driver was a little less definitive than the Misfits lyrics.  He said “I think I’ve killed someone.”  See, there’s some ambiguity there.


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