Milt Hinton

Last week we put this jazz compilation on the turntable, expecting a set of live recordings from the famous Savoy Ballroom. The album is actually just some classic recordings by groups who frequented its legendary stage, including Cab Calloway and his Orchestra, who perform this tune titled “Ebony Silhouette.”

The recordings on A Night at the Savoy date from 1935 to 1941. “Ebony Silhouette” was recorded during Dizzy Gillespie’s stint as a sideman with the group, which is a period of his career we were just learning about a couple weeks ago. He doesn’t solo on this tune, though — what’s really remarkable about it is the awesome playing of bassist Milt Hinton, who is the star of the show.

Hinton was about twenty-five years old when this tune was recorded, and already considered one of the best in his field. This and a 1939 recording called “Pluckin’ the Bass” were some of the earliest features for the string bass in swing jazz.

Hinton had been married for sixty-one years when he passed away in 2000. He and his wife Mona spent as much time together as possible, and she even accompanied him on the road in those early years, which was not common at the time. They had one daughter. A couple other interesting things about Milt Hinton is that he loved photography, and took thousands of pictures throughout his career. They are collected together in a New York City archive. The other interesting thing about Hinton is that he never drove. He was in an accident when he was young and chose not to drive a car.

The compilation, incidentally, has a very similar layout and design to the Stash Records collections, with the notes on the back even in the same font. It appears on what we think is one of our favorite new labels, however: Tax Records! It’s both a hilarious name and also a hilarious label design.



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