It’s hard to be little brother…

I understand – My brother was handsome and charming and I wanted to be him for most of my life. Now I miss him every single day and I wish he could see what we have accomplished with the record shop. I would give anything in the world to talk to my brother again. I guess I worry that he’s still worried.

It’s hard to be a little brother.

(Actually Tom was older than John but I still contend his solo records were all better)

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    What a great idea for a track list! The Simon Townshend song isn’t very good. I’ve seen him play with Roger Daltrey and even with The Who and I’ve always wondered what it felt like to earn your living by playing your brother’s songs because you sound like him. On one hand, it doesn’t sound very gratifying; on the other, he probably makes decent money to play great songs in great venues.


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