Holler House / Technician split 10″ record

The folks at Jetsam-Flotsam Records have released a new 10″ with songs from two Minneapolis bands. The band on one side, Holler House, have performed here at Hymies and brought copies of the new record into the shop

Here’s an excerpt from the label’s press release:

Despite its status as one of the Great Midwestern Cities, Minneapolis’s independent music
scene is tight-knit and intimate, even spanning sounds and styles.
Take Holler House and Technician—two Minnesota rock bands that lean in different directions. It
almost seems impossible that Holler House—with its grimy, relentless chords, its heaving beat
and dubious melodies—could come from the same scene as Technician, let alone share a stage
with a band who controls their attack with such precision, its sheer chords tugging the melody
this way and that before unrolling lush swaths of harmony. But these bands, like so many in the
Twin Cities, are irreversibly tied—sharing bills, sure, but also previous bands and side projects,
professions and passions, babysitters and holiday dinners.
It’s no wonder that, on the heels of their respective 2016 debuts, Holler House and Technician
agreed to record a split together. Though each side captures their unique angles of
attack—Holler House’s cryptic dissonance and hypnotic power, Technican’s ‘90s worship,
complete with jagged melodies and vigorous agility—both sides share a tenacity, the sort of
intensity that rattles windows and shakes smirks onto faces.
The collaboration celebrates what’s wonderful about punk-rock in the Twin Cities: A unity of both
cause and commitment, an interconnectivity that fosters creativity, a passion that supersedes
labels and aesthetics, spans sounds and styles.


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