Future Songs by Nightosaur

Future Songs, the fourth release by Nightosaur, is the band’s shortest release. The four song EP out this week finds the power trio sounding bigger and better than ever before. Moving further into the progressive territory forged by their 2014 LP Set Fire to the Mountain, the new EP, available on cassette, draws in favorite elements of metal and classic rock as well. These four new songs by the band we have long declared “the funneest band working in the city of Minneapolis” kick ass.


“Follow Me” provides a perfect fusion of prog and sludge, plodding joyfully into the dark with the EP’s heaviest headbanging riffs and fist pumping chorus. Bassist John Henry Nightopian role has expanded extensively in these new songs, sounding here not just like John Entwistle but like P-Funk’s Cordell Mosson as well. Drummer Brad Schwab likewise offers more than ever before on these new songs. He is a musical drummer in the sense that his playing does far more than merely keep time, although he does this with confidence through complex arrangements. providing for instance a sense of tension in the EP’s closer, “Doing me Wonders.” 

Nightosaur is very much the vision of Andy Webber, songwriter and luthier (checkout Whalehazard Guitars) and this accounts for the band’s incorporation of a classic power pop sensibility to their songs. Its impossible to describe this band to a friend without talking about the cathartic nature of their music — the volume, the riffs, the inevitably catchy chorus — and this all comes as much from the lexicon of rock and roll in general as from the specific world of metal. These are guys who love Thin Lizzy and Tom Petty as much as they love Sabbath. The EP was recorded by Ali Jafar, one of our favorite engineers in town. His Ecstattic Studio has modestly built up one of the most impressive resumes of past clients in town, and on this release lends a slightly more reverb-y and modern sound to Nightosaur.

Nightosaur will play a release show for Future Songs Monday night at Memory Lanes. Also performing are Black Sam Malone, Deep-Sea and Wax Lead. Details on the Facebook can be found here.


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