Q: How do I go about selling my records?

A: We’re always excited to look at collections. If you have thousands of records it is possible we will drive out to see them where they are now and make an offer. Otherwise, most people bring their collections into the shop. Generally we try to make an offer for all of the records you bring, but there are some records that even we don’t want anymore. We are a small family business however and can’t guarantee we’ll be able to buy every collection.  We also can’t promise what we’ll pay without seeing the collection but we can promise you we’ll offer the best price we can.  Our priority is maintaining Hymie’s reputation for honesty and fairness.

Q: Where can I get my turntable repaired?

A: We’re always happy to refer customers to our good friends at Vintage Music Company for turntable repair.  They also offer replacement needles at a good price and some of the coolest restored turntables and hi-fi equipment you will ever find in one place.  Vintage Music Company is also the awesome-est 78s-only record store in the world.

Q: Why Did You Move?

A: In April of 2010 we packed up and moved the entire shop five blocks east to 3820 East Lake Street, to share a building with Mill City Music and the Blue Moon Coffee Cafe.  Moving the shop wasn’t our first choice, and believe us it wasn’t easy, but it was what we had to do.  Decades of neglect had left the old building entire unsuited to storing records, as every rainstorm brought flooding in the basement and leaking into the shop through the roof.  Since the owner refused to make basic improvements and would not offer us a reliable commercial lease, we had to relocate to keep the business afloat.

So on April 17th, 2010 we bid a special Record Store Day farewell to the old building, and a roster of great local artists, all friends and customers of Hymie’s, performed in the basement.  Just two weeks later, thanks to the generous help of more friends than we can remember, we reopened a new shop that allowed us to expand the number of records available and begin hosting live music.

Estimates of how much we moved, including records, fixtures and all, run 75 tons.

DSC05592Q: What’s the story with the Hymie’s Basement album?

A: It was recorded in the basement of the old record store (you might recognize the old “Dollar Sale Room” on the back cover) by Yoni Wolf and Andrew Broder. It’s an awesome collaboration and well worth the search to find a copy

(Sorry, we just have one copy and we’d like to keep it).


Q: Where did Hymie’s get its name? Are you going to keep it?

A: Hymie was the shop’s original owner, Jim Peterson.  He got the name Hymie in his high school Spanish class (it was originally Jaime).

Of course we’re going to keep the name – Hymie’s wouldn’t be Hymie’s if it weren’t Hymie’s.

Sadly, Hymie passed away at the young age of 56.  Two of his employees – Auralee Likes and Julie Wellman – saved the business from extinction.

DSC08700Q: What is Irene? Some sort of a piglet?

A: Believe it or not, Irene is a dog (a Boston Terrier).

Since becoming a record store dog she has been photographed by Rolling Stone and also been featured as Miss June in a dog calendar.

She’s here at the shop every day.

Q: Do you have “Blue Monday” by Fats Domino on the Imperial label?

A: Probably. Give us a call and ask.

Q: If you weren’t running the best record store in town, where would you be?

A: Hanging out with our kids, gardening and enjoying this fantastic city!