One of the most esoteric subgenres in American music may be eef, a turn-of-the-century Appalachian precursor to beatbox which enjoyed its fifteen minutes of fame in the early 60s with a single minor hit (“Little Eeefin’ Annie” by Joe Perkins) and recurring appearances by Jimmy Riddle (accompanied by hambone “artist” Jackie Phelps) on Hee Haw.

You may be surprised to read that record companies were not lining up to sign eef acts, and so actual recordings are fairly uncommon. A sole single by the Goodlettsville Five from 1964 may be one of the only eef records which has turned up here at your friendly neighborhood record shop in the better part of a decade.

baileys gone eefing

Its often said that culture moves in cycles and things once discarded will come around again — and Lord knows no one here could have predicted there’d ever be enough demand for Eagles records that they’d actually start making more of them — but eef seems like an art form lost to the ages.


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