Dave’s Records

You may remember a past post about the plethora of Daves around here.  Its one of my all-time favorite Hymie’s website features.  And the Daves and Davids keep turning up around here – One helped move the shop last year, another I once overheard tell someone we’re his favorite record shop.  Another David lives up the street from Laura and I and has been slowly selling an unusual, always fun collection to us.  On David has invented his own record cleaning solution, soon to be introduced as Hymie’s Record Juice (I am not making this up).  David Witt, of course, is the excellent artists who designed our Record Store Day posters (And we have a few other Dwitt delights lined up to adorn the shelves in the new expansion space).

Dave’s Records in Chicago was included in the Rolling Stone list of the country’s 25 best record shops (Ranking ahead of us at #23 – And, incidentally, have you noticed that this list has quietly grown to 30?).  Dave’s, like Hymie’s, is proudly vinyl-only, and my own opinion is that its a lot more fun to visit than the other famous Chicago shop on that list.

And last week I noticed an old Dave’s Records price tag on an album.

You have probably noticed I like to post price tags from favorite record stores (I think I posted an Amoeba tag just last weekend).  You are probably wondering if there are any I’d like to come across and the answer is yes – Most of all I’d like a price tag from Stereo Jack’s in Cambridge, MA, a great record shop at which I found a whole crate of favorites.  In fact, it was mostly because of Stereo Jack’s that Craig and I had to go to a thrift store and buy extra luggage before flying home, just to accommodate all the sweet blues and jazz albums we bought from Mass Ave’s best record store.

Ironically, I do pull all the price tags off my records when I get home.  There are occasional exceptions (I have a Taj Mahal album with a written not by Earl Root – “As Is, sweet record”) and a whole lot of Cheapo tags (Fuckers just don’t come off, do they?).  Most people pull the price tags off, don’t they?  That’s why Hymie’s does its best to get the “peelable” kind, and to keep the tags off really awesome records or ones with sensitive cover material.

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