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Our friend Reina del Cid and her awesome band stopped by your friendly neighborhood record shop last week to perform one of our favorite Tom Petty songs!

The late Tom Petty appeared in a number of hilarious and visually stunning videos for his own songs. His affable and good natured persona became an important part of his appeal to fans. Petty also played a small role in the 1997 big budget bomb The Postman, presumably playing himself.

From April 1987, a sort of surreal appearance of Hüsker Dü on Joan Rivers’ show.

Charlie Parr has never been one to follow the rules when it comes to releasing a record, so many fans have already heard his new album, Dog. The album is officially out tomorrow, and you may have seen Charlie featured in yesterday’s City Pages or caught his show here in town. Along with the media blitz is this hilarious video for “Peacefully Valley” animated and directed by Jake Huffcutt.

Charlie will be performing two nights at the Cedar Cultural Center next month to celebrate the new album. The first night will feature an acoustic performance and the second an electric performance, and we’ll be there again to spin some blues and old time records in between the sets each night. Details on the Cedar’s website are here.

This weekend our daughter got to choose for family movie night and we watched Sing, a cartoon about animals in a singing competition. If there’s an eight-year-old in your family too we recommend it. And after watching the movie we were all thinking about our favorite songs, one of which was performed by a gorilla pianist. Turns out it was a cover of this 1983 hit by Elton John, from the album Too Low for Zero. It’s a pretty good tune, but the video is incredible. It’s our new favorite…

We’ve been waiting a couple years for a new album by one of our favorite songwriters in the Twin Cities. Brian Just (whose Brian Just Band once told the City Pages “We didn’t waste time thinking up a cool band name”) is equal parts Brian Wilson and Jay Kaye — that is, he walks his own wavy line between almost familial familiarity and the detached amgibuity of the latter’s single album (a 1968 psychedelic masterpiece titled J.K. and Co.). Just often offers everything the others lack, especially in delivering a live performance that can alternately cut right to the core of rock & roll yet also offer inspirationally pondering moments. His albums are superbly crafted and often to our ears earn that old compliment offered to be very best and briefest of Rossini and Verdi’s operas: there is not a single superfluous note.

These things take time and we’ve been patient even though we’ve heard about it’s recording for what feels like ages. It sounds like the anticipated album, Changing Traffic Lights, will drop the “Band” from the spine, but we don’t expect a stripped down affair or the disappearance of his long-time collaborators. In fact, the two early ‘sneak peeks’ through these videos suggest something more substantial than 2013’s Enlightenment and the group’s over-titled first album released two years earlier. The video for “She” posted on Youtube today, coupled with an earlier one for the title track, offer a sample in line with what we’ve expected.

It’s planned for a September 9th release with a special show at the Turf Club, and it will be Just’s first recording available on vinyl. We are sure to post again about this album’s anticipated arrival.


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