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happy together

“Happy Together” was released on Valentine’s Day, 1967 and two years later Doug probably spent 98¢ on this copy of the single, and we hope he and the recipient lived happily (together) ever after.

playboy bunny songWe thought the news that Playboy plans to stop publishing nude photographs was a remarkable sign of the changing times. According to the company’s chief executive, Scott Flanders, “the onslaught of Internet pornography has made the nude images in Playboy ‘passé.'”

a cowboys work




make out musicYou may have noticed some peculiar little sections stashed around your friendly neighborhood record shop — things like Music from Outer Space, Classical Gasp, and Difficult Listening. Our favorite of all of these is Make-Out Music, which is filled a variety of classic tunes for foolin’ around, from Marvin Gaye’s essential “Lets Get it On” to James Last’s Seduction. It’s our favorite little section in the shop.

Of course, what makes for make-out music is subjective. Chuck Klosterman writes in Fargo Rock City, “I went to high school with a secretly sleazy farm girl who once said it was ‘totally awesome to fuck to Faster Pussycat,’ and since this girl always had a lot of boyfriends, I assumed she knew what she was talking about.” National Public Radio, possibly one of the least sexy things that could possibly come out of your speakers, listed a make-out mix here which inexplicably includes a song from Swordfishtrombones and “Love Stinks” by the J. Geils Band. These, of course, are probably not the best authorities on the subject of getting laid.

Our own make-out mix (what, doesn’t everyone have one?) leans heavily towards sultry seventies tunes like Kellee Patterson’s “I’m Gonna Love You a Little More Baby” and a friend insists you can’t do better than Sade’s Diamond Life. We didn’t really expect there would be anyone up here in the chilly midwest making music like that, but we were wrong. Love in Blue by BAIN is a tight mixture of soft rock, jazz and smooth R&B which is surprisingly sophisticated and well-produced for a debut LP, and superbly suited for romance.

bain love in blue

Its eight tracks are leisurely paced, hardly topping a hundred beats a minute, making this just about the opposite album from the Blind Shake’s Breakfast of Failures, which we posted last week. The standout rhythm is in the breezy “Whereever,” but this track, “The Way,” is the most romantic. Leader Davis Bain and Jayanthi Kyle share vocals here, and alternate the lead on other tracks.

You can hear the entire album on their website by clicking the link above, by the way. Its a nice reminder that people are still writing original, sincere love songs.

Although Love in Blue leans in the direction of jazz, the solos are kept simple, pushing the focus towards its melodies. It seems like this is a band that might really cook, but would rather simmer just below a rolling boil, especially keyboardist Erik “Afrokeys” Anderson and the tight rhythm section — the result is a sensual tension that hits the sweet spot several times. The whole band sounds electric in “The One” at the middle of the second side, and deftly brings it down from there. We imagine this is one of the tracks that’s going to be really awesome live.

We’ve been surprised how these songs stick with us after a couple listens, making Love in Blue a good album for general listening, not just making out. Still, we recommend you find someone special and give it a try yourself.

BAIN’s record release show for Love in Blue is this Sunday at the Icehouse, along with Ashley Gold and DJ Fourfeet. Details here.



The fact that these two records ended up in the same crate by the time they got here is one of those things that makes this job so interesting.

husbands frustrated housewifetitleSelection from Husbands, Love your Wives by Gene Jakubek, S.J.

The best thing about this record, in case you missed it, is that it promises “Ultra High Fidelity.”

ape call

ape call

Speaking of Nervous Norvus, if you catch Papa John in the right mood he’ll gladly sing “Transfusion” for you. We don’t think anybody loves that song as much as Papa John.

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