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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


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gandalf-hymiesDisney’s Buena Vista label released a double LP of dialogue and songs from the 1977 animated adaptation of The Hobbit in a nice box set. Copies came with several iron-on images from the film.

We put the Smaug and Bilbo Baggins images from our copy onto t-shirts for our kids, but sadly the forty-year-old iron-ons didn’t survive their first trip through the wash. After that we put Gandalf on the breaker box here in the record shop where, along with Igor Stravinsky, he keeps watch over the classical section.



We came across this Jack Starr LP while organizing records in our storage space. It’s solid early 80s metal, with former members of Riot and Rainbow joining the band.

jack-starr-lp-2Anyway, there’s a picture of Starr and lead singer Rhett Forrester on the back of the jacket and they’re hanging out in a DeLoreon! Now you’re probably thinking that’s pretty cool, because that’s the time machine car and all — but it gets better. This album was released in 1984. That’s a full year before Back to the Future! This guy was so freakin’ awesome that he just drove a DeLoreon because a car with brushed stainless steel paneling and gull doors was his style.

We’ll bet he had to get rid of it after all those sci fi nerds started asking about his “flux capacitor” the next year.


So the other reason we’re so excited to post this is that there’s been a DeLoreon parked on East Lake Street. You might have even driven past it on your way to the record store! It’s the repair shop next to the Arby’s. If you’re interested in building your own time machine, you might want to think twice since these guys recently trashed a customer’s $80,000 Lamborghini. We’re holding out to see if we can get the one which belonged to Jack Starr!

Some of the most interesting album covers are in the classical section.


flute and harpsicord sonatas best known overtures 2




Collectors are quick to dismiss the Musical Heritage Society LPs (and sometimes pull the sweet inner sleeves before selling them) but they are often really remarkable recordings. Sometimes featuring world class performers — we were surprised to find a Rostropovich recording of —– recently. The spartan aesthetic of MHS jackets leaves little room for artwork, but this release of Berlioz’s Symphony Fantastique features a pretty sweet image.





We spent a fair amount of time last week cleaning and filing this gigantic collection of albums, which is why there were so few posts here on the Hymies blog. There’s an awesome variety in the collection, which was stock from a record store that had closed ages ago, with the albums apparently buried in the warehouse from the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark until they were re-discovered. Lots of favorites, lots of oddballs, lots of sealed albums, and — as with any collection of records from the 70s, lots of K-Tel albums.

In one of the boxes we found this catalog from K-Tel Records, the ubiquitous Minnesota-based compilation label. We’ve always had a soft spot for these, and several years ago we featured some of our favorites (here), which includes some of the records in this catalog.


img_1166This catalog comes with a K-Tel “preferred customer bonus dollar,” as well as a money-back guarantee. Who on earth would return a copy of Believe in Music or Super Bad?!

We suppose there are some K-Tel collections one might return, like World of Strauss and 25 Polka Greats, but even these show up pretty reliably all these years later so somebody enjoyed them.

And it turns out 25 Polka Greats is a lot of fun! The albums in this catalog are only a small sample of the total K-Tel discography, which would probably take a long time to collect. And now you know that if you’re disappointed, all you have to do is mail the album back to Minnetonka for full credit or exchange.


A ton of new and used records have come through the shop lately. Some have been things we never thought we’d see and some are new releases we’ve been looking forward to hearing — Irene’s response to it all is “Hmm… when is dinner?”



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