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We spent a fair amount of time last week cleaning and filing this gigantic collection of albums, which is why there were so few posts here on the Hymies blog. There’s an awesome variety in the collection, which was stock from a record store that had closed ages ago, with the albums apparently buried in the warehouse from the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark until they were re-discovered. Lots of favorites, lots of oddballs, lots of sealed albums, and — as with any collection of records from the 70s, lots of K-Tel albums.

In one of the boxes we found this catalog from K-Tel Records, the ubiquitous Minnesota-based compilation label. We’ve always had a soft spot for these, and several years ago we featured some of our favorites¬†(here), which includes some of the records in this catalog.


img_1166This catalog comes with a K-Tel “preferred customer bonus dollar,” as well as a money-back guarantee. Who on earth would return a copy of Believe in Music or Super Bad?!

We suppose there are some K-Tel collections one might return, like World of Strauss and 25 Polka Greats, but even these show up pretty reliably all these years later so somebody enjoyed them.

And it turns out 25 Polka Greats is a lot of fun! The albums in this catalog are only a small sample of the total K-Tel discography, which would probably take a long time to collect. And now you know that if you’re disappointed, all you have to do is mail the album back to Minnetonka for full credit or exchange.


A ton of new and used records have come through the shop lately. Some have been things we never thought we’d see and some are new releases we’ve been looking forward to hearing — Irene’s response to it all is “Hmm… when is dinner?”



polkas-in-hi-fi pipe-organ-in-hi-fi

morton-gould-hi-fi wayne-king-hi-fi


dsc09061Several folks have asked if we’d have a new Halloween mix this year — sadly, no. We just didn’t have time to record the stack of ooky and spooky songs we’ve been collecting. We do have about twenty copies of the old Halloween mix left, if you missed out on that. Free with purchase today and tomorrow, while they last!


We hope you remembered to get your cat a card.

img_8298-1Anyway, this is Momar. You probably haven’t met him, but he spends a night in the record shop every spring and every fall to catch all the mice. And he has the softest tummy in the world. And on the day this picture was taken, we discovered he likes flowers a lot.

Earlier this week somebody¬†noticed Bernie Sanders’ credit on this Folkways Records documentary about five-time Socialist Party presidential candidate Eugene V. Debs.




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