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Laura was a guest on The Current’s Local Show last week as part of a new segment called “Ask a Cool Person,” where people in the Twin Cities music scene share what they’ve been listening to.

We’re a little iffy on the name of the segment — The Current must not know that we’re total dorks, which is okay. They don’t know we put out a record last year either.

Anyway, the best part was getting to share some artists we really have been listening to. The most recent of these was online earlier last year, but we only heard it shortly before the band’s release show at 7th Street Entry in December. That’s Time Will Come by Tabah, a five piece band who caught our ear with a tight live set which was more of an Allman Brothers-type jam than their EP.

tabah cd

Guitarist and singer Cecelia Erholtz has a captivating stage presence, but its the clear camaraderie that makes the quintet such a great live act. Erholtz’s delivery of the dense lyrics reminded us of 70s folkie Joan Armatrading — the EP’s opener, “Curtain Call,” called to mind “Down to Zero” but Armatrading never had a backing band as bright and inventive as Tabah.

Elsewhere on the EP is the guitars and organ which take center stage, as in the driving riff of “Myth,” where second guitarist Jeff Ley and keyboardist Andrew Seitz help propel the track. This song also includes a very satisfying bass and drums interlude that highlights the rhythm section of Charlie Bruber and Murphy Janssen. “Wargasm” is the song you can hear here, which was the one we chose to share on the Current last week — you can hear the whole EP on the band’s Bandcamp page here. Our only complaint is what we often say about EPs, we wish Time Will Come were longer. Hymie’s is definitely known for having band crushes, and this is our latest. We can’t wait to hear more from them.

602458_10151266080394445_1171305435_nDJ Laurax has been layin’ low for a while, but like the Green Goblin you never know when she’ll appear again. Recently, she was a guest on Radio K’s morning show, “Rock and Roll Over” (hear it here) and was featured in a story on MPR’s “All Things Considered.

Our Laura’s pretty awesome — until she’s behind the decks again, here’s a song:

female DJ

Tomorrow is our Record Store Day block party, and it is the biggest and best we have ever planned! We could not have done it without the support of enthusiastic employees, neighboring businesses, and good friends. Today on the Hymie’s blog we’d like to thank those people — next week we’ll return to posting weird records…

Promotional support for this year’s block party has been provided by Radio K , whose tagline “Real College Radio” doesn’t tell the whole story. They’re also real local radio, because they support local music by playing it on the air, not just talking about it.

They’ll be here on 39th Avenue with some giveaways and to record some of the bands for airplay. Laura visited their “Rock and Roll Over” morning show today. Here’s a little listen:

RadioKLogoSignalsColorSound for the outdoor stage on 39th Avenue is provided by Mother of All Music, who offer a wide variety of event services to musicians and businesses such as ours. They also did the recording for our “Practice Space” series of videos this past winter, which included awesome songs by Sean Anonymous and DJ Name (with Lizzo and Phillip Morris), Pennyroyal and Narco States.

new mom logo 082009While not technically a sponsor, the good folks at Northern Sun might as well be — Our neighbors down at 30th and East Lake are generous enough to loan us a variety of festival gear like tents and tables, making everything you see at the block party possible. You’ll see ’em here, too, with a sampling of their huge selection of T shirts, bumper stickers, and other products for progressives.

logoYou’ll be able to refresh yourself from 1-7pm at the Merlins Rest Pub beer garden. This week they were named the “Best British Pub” in the Twin Cities by City Pages, and they deserve the nod. You can also stroll down to Merlins after our marathon of music finally winds down tonight and hear a little Record Store Day after party with Mikkel Beckmen, Lonesome Dan Kase and Sneaky Pete (check it out here). We love Merlins, both for an afternoon lunch with the kids on their patio, and for a night out with friends. They are a true neighborhood pub.

HB-LOGO-4c-OFFICIALA very special pour provided at the block party this year is from Harriet Brewing, who will be releasing their anticipated Saison on Saturday. From Harriet’s brewmaster Jason Sowards, “Saisons were traditionally brewed in Wallonian farmhouses for farmhands and local consumption.  Our saison greets drinkers with notes of tropical fruit and black pepper.  A prominent tartness is coupled with an assertive floral/spicy hop character. Rigorous mashing and a long boil lend a yellow-orange hue to the eclectic malt malt backbone. Harriet’s Nourrice is flavorful and complex, with a dry, light yeasty finish that goes and goes.”

1482973_264084213744853_956327362_nMassage therapy for the performers is provided backstage by the accredited professionals of Vagabond Bodyworks, whose stated goal is “to make our hometown of Minneapolis an even better place to be involved in the arts for local participants.” They have supported more awesome local acts and events that we could begin to name (check out the clients list on their website) and we are really excited to have them here as part of our event.


Design for Hymie’s Records, including our T shirts, posters, buttons and stickers — as well as the Record Store Day block party programs and signs, has been provided by Vinyl Afterlife. They also produce art and other products from destroyed records, so you might check out their site or visit them during the block party.

Last but not least promotional consideration is provided by Irene, the ten year old Boston Terrier who works here at Hymie’s Records every day.

ireneWe all hope you will be able to make it out to our fourth annual Record Store Day block party.

Hymies RSD Block Party

Black Diet
(album release)
Brian Just Band
Chastity Brown
The Ericksons
Martin Devaney
Adam Kiesling & Mikkel Beckman (Corpse Reviver)
Brian Laidlaw and the Family Trade
Jake Manders
The Poor Nobodys
Southside Desire
Ben Weaver
Whiskey Jeff and the Beer Back Band
The White Whales


Yesterday we posted for the first time a program we produced for KFAI’s Wave Project a few years back. Today’s post is a second program we produced this past August about one of our favorite composers and one of his most popular works.

This program was inspired by the hundreds of recordings of Peter and the Wolf we see pass through the record shop. Some were very, very good, and others very, very bad. All were based on the same score written by Serge Prokofiev just after his return to the Soviet Union 1936. Our goal was to capture not only the enormous variety of interpretations, but also the world in which Prokofiev lived and performed, and the pressure he was under when he composed Peter and the Wolf. In all more than 150 LPs, 78s, 45s, cassettes and CDs were used in creating this program.

Peter images24

peter and the wolf



Peter images18

Peter images20

Laura was interviewed by Sabrina Crews from KFAI’s “Morning Blend” this week and they talked about Valentine’s Day, record shopping with your sweetheart and Hymies’ own “make-out music” section. If you’re up early you and your sweetie can start your romantic day with some sexy tunes at ten to seven. Of course, most of you are probably reading this later in the day, so here’s a link to KFAI’s website where there whole program is streaming (you can hear Laura along with some great songs!).

One thing Laura told Sabrina about was George Benson’s saucy Erotic Moods album, on which he jams with the Harlem Underground Band, which included Willis Jackson and Dave “Baby” Cortez. It’s their only recording so we guess you’d call it a one night stand. Here’s a track from the album, but please don’t play this while your kids are around or the guy in the next cube is listening and then complain to us…

sweet sound of love

“Sweet Sound of Love”

george benson


If you’re out shopping with your sweetheart today and stop by the record shop, you can buy a record for him or her at 15% off!

And we will be spending our tenth Valentine’s Day together spinning some records late tonight after the “Hello I Love You” burlesque show at the Amsterdam Bar in St. Paul (details on their webpage here).


havin’ a party

(“Havin’ a Party” by Sam Cooke)

I had a lot of fun listening to Laura on KFAI yesterday – she was Cyn Collins’ guest on “Spin with Cyn” and brought records by the fourteen awesome groups playing here this weekend for Record Store Day (you can hear it on the KFAI archives here…you can support KFAI community radio, by the way, by clicking on the link at the top of the page linked here).  I was in the shop with Nova, and while we were listening to the show one of our Record Store Day guests came in to join us.

So I was there when he heard a song he wrote on the radio.  It was the first time one of his songs had been played on the airwaves.  And being there for that moment was the most rewarding experience I’ve had since I was fortunate enough to be the one to care for this record store.  Wow!

There’s a scene in that movie That Thing You Do that sort of captures it.  They all go wild and celebrate the first time they hear their single on the radio.  Yeah, this was KFAI and not mass media, and yeah it was only the once, but you gotta start somewhere.  I’m really proud that we did what we oughtta to help them get to that starting point.

And up comes Record Store Day.  Hundreds of special releases are on their way to record stores all over the country this week, and on Saturday we will participate in the frenzy.  We’ll also have all kinds of other great records that aren’t limited editions, and all kinds awesome bands playing free sets in a fun setting.  Each of the fourteen has an album or cd or single you can buy, and we hope each will sell fourteen copies.  We’d like you to have a chance to hear their music, which we hope won’t ever be limited in any way.

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