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Sunday’s post about Dizzy Gillespie had the dubious distinction of being the 2,000th to appear here on the Hymies blog. Since launching this website on October 20th, 2009 that’s an average of five posts a week for just over seven years! We’re reminded of that moment in Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant Mascaree” when he says

I’ve been singing this song for twenty-five minutes, and I could do it for another twenty-five minutes
I’m not proud … or tired

best of arlo guthrie lpActually, the first thing which came to mind was a different Arlo aside, during his explanation of “the significance of the pickle” in “The Motorcycle Song” from a live recording which appeared this 1977 Best Of collection:

You know it’s been about 12 years now, that I’ve been singin’ this dumb song

It’s amazing that somebody can get away with singin’ a song this dumb for that long

But you know, hey you know what’s more amazing than that is that, uh somebody can make a living singin’ a song this dumb



This promotional record was produced by Black Heritage Cosmetics and Toiletries, likely to be marketed in department stores. Proceeds were given to the Southern Christian Leadership Council.

This second record presents all the addresses recorded from the August 28, 1963 March on Washington. Here is Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech.



A little over a year and a half ago Pleasure Horse, Minneapolis’ finest cosmic American country outfit, rustled our hearts with a self-titled EP full of big stories from the open plains. At the time, we posted that the disc’s arrangements were “so consistently inventive its impossible to pick a favorite moment on this album,” and we’ve recommended it to nearly every country fan we know. Along the way we also encouraged everyone who’d listen to catch ’em at a show because Pleasure Horse is one of the best live country acts in the Twin Cities. Unfortunately, those shows are few and far between.

And while we celebrated the season of year’s end “best of” lists by writing about how the critics are sometimes downright wrong, we’re pretty enthusiastic about their new disc, too. If you like country music, especially the good ol’ outlaw stuff, you’re gonna like this.

Lost on the Mountain is half the length of that first disc, but doesn’t lose its depth. These five new songs by Tim Evanson frame short stories in catchy riffs and country nuggets. Where the last disc roamed the range from honky tonk to tejano, Mountain is more focused on the classic country-rock sound found in “Poco territory” to great success. Townes van Zandt himself would have been fortunate to be backed by a band which works together this well a little more often. There’s enough familiar sounds from that era, like Celeste Huele’s keys on loan from the brown Band album, to satisfy the outlaw country enthusiast, and enough new ideas — notably guitarist Ben Hahowald’s sharp solos and interplay with bassist Darin Dahlmeier — to expand the range of the cosmic American sound. Best of all, they’re playing a release show for the new disc this weekend so you can hear it all straight from the horse’s mouth.

Pleasure Horse will celebrate the release of their Lost on the Mountain EP with a late show this Saturday night at the Icehouse. Also performing will be Suzie and Fletcher Magellan. Details here.


We’ve been invited to play some records at the Pistol Whippin Party Penguins‘ 8th annual Yuletide Sweater Ball tonight at the Cedar Cultural Center. So we dusted off the DJ case, which we haven’t used much this winter, and rushed over to the thrift store to get ourselves some sweet Christmas sweaters.

We’re hoping our playlist of local country records and holiday tunes helps set the yuletide mood. Doors at the Cedar are at 7pm, and the live music starts at 8pm!


alices restaurant

Today is Veteran’s Day. Here in Minneapolis the kids still have school, and your friendly neighborhood record shop will still be open the same hours as on any Friday. But hopefully, the people chanting stupid stuff like “Lock her up!” or “Not my President!” will set aside their unproductive partisan bullshit for long enough that to remember the many who have sacrificed to defend their right to chant stupid stuff.

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