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photoIt’s not exactly the Met, but there’s some spectacular art on display here on East Lake Street. Our friend Jake Manders has some of his collage art in the windows at Minnehaha Liquor.

We only got the one picture before the stupid camera battery died this morning! Fortunately, Jake posted another picture online.

We featured his last album, Acoustic Frequency, when it was released back in March. The track above, “You Could be the One” is the first song from that record. Jake is a great songwriter as well as an artist. He’s performed here several times over the years, and we have one of his watercolor paintings here in the record shop!


We’ve already thought of a mess of New Years resolutions, and we’re not looking forward to a one of them. At the end of 2015 we’re gonna be dancing to the Southside Aces and Patty and the Buttons at the Eagles Club.


Folk trio Good Morning Bedlam will be playing a set here at Hymie’s at 5pm. We are looking forward to their first visit to the record shop. Here’s a video of them playing at Milwaukee’s Bremen Cafe earlier this fall.

In other news, the 2015 Hymie’s holiday mix cd is in the shop. This year’s theme is classic jazz, swing, blues and bebop — twenty-two great songs, including one from Minneapolis’ own Southside Aces. Free with purchase while they last!



“Santaphone” is the title song from the Southside Aces‘ 2012 Christmas disc. Founding members Tony Balluff and Erik Jacobson wrote the song, which we love so much we requested permission to include it on our annual Hymie’s holiday CD.

The traditional New Orleans jazz band appears every second Thursday at the Minneapolis Eagles Club #34, and tonight present their annual holiday show at 8pm.

This year they will also be performing a special New Year’s Eve show, along with Patty and the Buttons.


Irene loves coming to the record store every day, but like most older dogs she does not love walking in the snow anymore. Our puppy, on the other hand, couldn’t love it more. She’s a boxer, which according to our veterinarian at the East Lake Animal Clinic, are “the clowns of the dog world.” Watching our kids throw snowballs to her during this morning’s snowfall, we quickly understood why.

And what a perfect morning to tell you about this upcoming album from local composer Paul Fonfara, The Seven Secrets of Snow. While we might have a hard time explaining exactly which genre it would fit into in our otherwise organized shop, we are quite certain it is one of our favorite albums of the year.

Fonfara was commissioned to provide material for a documentary about the Russian clown, Slava Polunin, whose theatrical productions are legendary (check out this trailer for Slava’s Snowshow). Andrew Douglas, the London filmmaker who directed a documentary about Jim White, Searching for the Wrong Eyed Jesus, did not finish the film about Slava, but Fonfara’s songs survived in the form of this new disc. It will be debuted on Saturday with a performance at the Cedar Cultural Center, along with a short film to accompany each song and stunning visual art by the incomparable Whitney A. Streeter.

grass_01_proof-2 himeleti_02proof web

We are here on the Hymie’s blog are well-known to know very little about cinema, but to have omnivorous taste when it comes to records. The Seven Secrets of Snow is a captivating amalgam of jazz, carnival music, Eastern European folk, and chamber music. One will not be surprised to find members of the Poor Nobodys, Dreamland Faces, the Bookhouse Trio and the Brass Messengers amidst the cast assembled by Fonfara for the production. Each of these collaborative groups has years of experience creating works which combine theater, film, or other media far beyond your turntable with the music. The songs are alternately ideal music for dancing (this reflecting Fonfara’s work with the Brass Messengers) and introspection (drawing from Dreamland Faces and the Poor Nobodys). While driven in two directions, Fonfara’s imaginative songs compliment one another well, as for instance do Van Gogh’s various paintings to feature snow-covered settings.

While The Seven Secrets of Snow is not explicitly a jazz album, it fits snugly alongside several of our favorites from the 90s and early 00s, an under-appreciated period of innovation in the genre. “Tar Sands,” for instance, reminds us of Bill Frisell’s album The Intercontinentals, for its incorporation of a traditional folk motif and modern jazz in an arrangement which slowly builds tension. Fonfara is featured on the clarinet throughout the album, and is as agile at shifting styles as Don Byron, whose 1996 album Bug Music also came to mind. A highlight of that disc was Byron’s interpretation of several songs by Raymond Scott famous for their frequent appearances in Looney Tunes. Scott’s “Powerhouse” is, without a doubt, one of the most inspired themes in search of a movie (to paraphrase Charles Stepney) and found its home when the composer sold his catalog to Warner Brothers in 1943. His songs have since been licensed for other cartoons, including the Simpsons, Ren and Stimpy and, naturally, the Animaniacs. To draw an interesting parallel to Fonfara’s Seven Secrets of Snow, Raymond Scott once recorded an album with an all-star band credited only to “The Secret Seven.”

And likewise, while The Seven Secrets of Snow is not explicitly an album of chamber music, there are passages which could have come from Prokofiev’s film scores for Lieutenant Kije and Alexander Nevsky or, from a melodic point of view, the late quartets of Dmitri Shostakovich. Fonfara is allowed wide freedoms in his arrangements due to the exceptional talent of the musicians he has conscripted. Few composers, for instance, have the luxury of writing for the singing saw, because they are not fortunate enough to work with Dreamland Faces’ Andy McCormick (the instrument was featured in Krzstztof Penderecki’s surreal comic opera, Ubu Rex and in the score to One Flew Over the Cuckoo‘s Nest by Jack Nitzche). Fonfara’s friendships benefit us listeners, because the arrangements are performed with precision and enthusiastic energy.

Each song is set to a film, which will be presented along with the performance on Saturday at the Cedar. Like Slava Polunin’s productions, they would appear to each be montages presenting ruminations centered around the themes of natural beauty and mortality. We have not seen all of the films and so instead have created our own imagery.

The title track — like Prokofiev’s “Troika” from Lieutenant Kije or Claude Thornhill’s “Snowfall” — invokes a morning much like today’s here in Minneapolis. And this reminds us we need to shovel in front of the shop once more before its time to open. We hope you’ll enjoy these songs from Paul Fonfara’s new album. If you are like us a fan and want to take a closer look, there is a Kickstarter page to fund the disc’s recording and production, and while it’s contrary to our general discomfort with crowd-funding, on the subject we’ll plug our noses and offer the link here. You could likewise support this project by going to Saturday’s show at the Cedar. We are certainly looking forward to it!

Paul Fonfara and the Ipsifendus Orchestra will perform the songs from The Seven Secrets of Snow, accompanied by the films, on Saturday December 5th at the Cedar Cultural Center. Also performing will be the Brass Messengers and the one and only Jim White. Details on the Cedar’s site here.

A quick thanks! to everyone who came to our record release show for Whiskey Jeff and the Beer Back Band‘s debut LP last night. It was so awesome to see a packed room singing along with Jeff’s songs, and even better to know we weren’t alone in loving his band so much.

If you’re up for another evening on the town, a new label based in Sioux Falls has just been inaugurated with three 7-inch singles and one is being celebrated this evening at the Cedar Cultural Center. Jack Klatt‘s new single on the Different Folk label features the first sample of his next album, Shadows in the Sunset.

different folk

Other artists on the smartly-packaged new singles are all from South Dakota, but include some familiar folks to fans of traditional music here in the Twin Cities, like Burlap Wolf King and Jami Lynn. The label has also announced it will be reissuing the Foghorn String Band’s Devil in the Seat disc next spring.



We apologize for the inconvenience, but we do not carry Record Store Day’s “black Friday” releases. We do have an enormous selection of new and used albums, and lots of other things for that special vinyl collector in your life, and a 10% sale in the shop today.

IMG_79731If you really want to be sure they get something they’ll love, we have gift certificates available. There are nearly a half a million records in the shop so your special someone is sure to find something for their collection!

New this year are ornaments made from actual colored vinyl LPs by our old friends at Vinyl Afterlife. We also have an updated selection of their classic record label coasters and album notebooks.

IMG_79751 IMG_79741

Laura’s hand knit mittens are always a hit around this time of the year. She has been working extra hard to have a big selection of knits in the shop!

IMG_79691 IMG_79681The local section is filled with awesome new albums from 2015, including the latest from our own label by Whiskey Jeff and the Beer Back Band.

Our other favorites from this year include: a CD/tape release by What Tyrants, a triple-album series by Rank Strangers, an LP (Mystery Date) and a single (L’Assassins) from our favorite label in town, Piñata Records, and an awesome disc by the Southside Aces from earlier in the year. We have lost count of all the great local releases from 2015!

While you are here on East Lake Street you’ll find other great shopping! If you love comic books, you’re sure to love Nostalgia Zone, one of our favorite places. There are all kinds of awesome surprises in a little gift shop with a huge selection called Corazon, and also at Soderberg’s, a florist which is a neighborhood landmark. A newer shop, Repair Lair, specializes in camping equipment (“spend less on gear and more on beer!”) but you’ll have to wait ’til Saturday to visit them.

And you’ll find the best restaurants in town in this neighborhood, including Gandhi Mahal, the Himalayan Restaurant, Peppers & Fries, Midori’s Floating World, Sonora Grill and more! Why wait for “small business Saturday” when you can avoid all the traffic at the big box stores and have a great day instead?!

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