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Whiskey Jeff Lonesome Stoned and DrunkTonight at the Reverie Cafe and Bar on Nicollet Avenue you can hear two bands who have released albums on the Hymies Records label. Fletcher Magellan will be playing a farewell show before leaving to work in Alaska for the summer, and our old friend Whiskey Jeff is back from Australia after a long year away. A new improved Beer Back Band has been eagerly anticipating his return!



Fletcher Magellan’s single on our label was released earlier this year. We also recommend you check out his full length album, Became a Stranger (online here). We liked it so much we offered to put out his next single. We’ll miss him over the summer but we look forward to hearing a whole bunch of new songs in the fall!


It’s Record Store Day!

We are proud to be one of the oldest record stores in the Twin Cities, with more than twenty-five years on East Lake Street and many more to come! This day provides us the opportunity to express to you our appreciation by presenting live music by some of the best live performers in town.

Here’s a few quick answers to questions: Yes, we have limited Record Store Day releases. We have been answering questions about which release and how many all week, but it is likely today we will not be able to answer your specific email or phone call as quickly as we usually do during the rest of the year. We open at 11am. And yes, there is usually a line. We do our best to talk with those in line about the release they’re hoping to snag, and where to find it. Also, there’s no line shortly thereafter and for the rest of the day.

Yes, we have live music all day. Details for this are below. It’s pretty awesome, we hope you’ll come by just to see these amazing people — you won’t be disappointed. Yes, there is food and drinks available at the block party. This courtesy of our incredible neighbors, Peppers & Fries. They are going to be very busy tomorrow, and we hope you will visit them again on another sunny Saturday, or any day of the week.

The one ‘no’ answer is that today would not be a good day to bring your record collection to the shop. We’d love to help you and we pride ourselves on making the process of selling records fair and transparent and maybe even a little fun, but it’s not likely to go quickly for you today because the neighborhood is going to be crowded.

Live music on two stages from 11am to 8pm!

39th Avenue stage:

Charlie Parr 11:00

Reina del Cid 12:15

The Southside Aces 1:30

Farewell Milwaukee 3:00

The Blind Shake 4:30

Black Market Brass 6:00

Hymies stage:

Mike Munson 3:00

Ben Weaver 4:40

Sabyre Rae 6:00

Dingus 8:00

Thank you for supporting independent record stores, and for supporting local musicians!

The forecast looks pretty good for this weekend, and we’re all gonna have a great time at our seventh annual Record Store Day block party! You can see a list of performers by clicking on “Events” above.

This week we have unpacked about a million boxes because the Record Store Day releases have begun to arrive. There’s a really remarkable variety this year, and its been fun to look at each as we unpack them. So far one of our favorites is a reissue of Mstislav Rostropovich’s recording of the second Shostakovich cello concerto, because its designed after the Soviet-era underground tradition of pressing bootleg records on old X-rays.

You can see the whole list of special, limited edition releases here. If there’s one you’re especially excited about, you can give us a call or send an email and we’ll be glad to let you know if we will have it in stock. The last of them should be arriving tomorrow afternoon.

On the local front we’re excited about the first ever vinyl pressing of the Marcy Playground album. Also, as a non-official Record Store Day release, Big Quarters are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their first album, The Cost of Living, with a double LP release. The Current did a great story on the release last week (here). Ever since Medium Zach brought some copies into the shop, it’s taken up a residency on our turntable!


But we’ll see you soon! Today we’re gonna visit family (and also go into the shop and make some repairs).



Jonathan Walters created this animated video for “Positive QI” from Dingus’ album, Who Cares?. They’ll be playing the last set inside the record shop at our block party next Saturday for Record Store Day. It will be the second performance here in the record shop by this trio, who are our favorite pop punk band in town.

The whole list of performers on the two stages for our block party is here. If you’re interested in the list of special Record Store Day releases you can find it here, and we should know early next week which of the releases we’re sure to have in stock so feel welcome to call or email with questions.

You can hear the whole album on their Bandcamp page here. The LP comes in a sharp-looking screen printed jacket!

Every year as we prepare for our block party on Record Store Day, we clear out all our storage spaces to put out thousands of records for free on 39th Avenue. Dozens of boxes of LPs, 45s and some 78s (they get messy and easily broken with such a big crowd). By the middle of the day the thousands of records are gone!

Sometimes they’re albums in poor shape (and we’re pretty conservative about what’s good enough to go into the shop) and other times they’re records which are simply ones we see so often and don’t need any more copies of them (think Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass). Yes, there’s a lot of junk in those boxes, but there’s also some finds for the diggers. After all, we can only check over the boxes so carefully, and besides, leaving a few gems in there makes if more fun all around.

Another interesting feature is that in past years some artists who have surpluses of their albums stored in their practice spaces have given us a couple dozen to mix in to the free records. So sometimes the free boxes contain brand new albums!

This year we’re going to try to get the free records out a little earlier than the start of the live music on the stage outside, which Charlie Parr will be kicking off promptly at 11am. We can’t really guarantee the time because the setup for the stage and sound gear will take priority over the boxes of free records — but we do certainly have more boxes than ever before this year!

The goal of course, is to try and reduce the waste. Hopefully the records will find their way into collections and onto turntables, or maybe just as material for artists which is often the fate for old records nobody wants to play anymore. One thing we have always appreciated about our block party is that people don’t leave a mess on 39th Avenue or in the surrounding neighborhood for the residents there — we especially appreciate this because its the neighborhood where we live, too.

Anyways, here’s your first ‘heads up’ about the free records, which this year should be more plentiful and interesting than ever before. We’ll try and post some pictures of them as soon as we can start organizing them into boxes.

Here’s a fun bonus to today’s post: Last year our “Official Hymies Records photographer” Craig Willford was invited to climb onto the roof of the Frattallone’s Ace Hardware across the street to get some shots of the block party. This year we’re working on a plan to get him onto the roof of our building too!


Don’t worry dear reader, we make sure he’s safe!


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