Benny K cd release show here tonight … and then a little 90s punk rock revival

Benny K

Folk singer Benny K will be performing here in the shop tonight at 5pm, along with Nate Houge, to celebrate the release of his new disc Four Years. We posted the title track and a couple videos on Monday (here). Also this week we tuned in to hear Benny on KFAI, visiting Pam without Boundaries

We recorded this with the tuner in the shop, but cut the songs they were playing. You can hear the whole thing unedited on KFAI’s site here. This is the title song from Benny’s new EP that they’re talking about in the end.

Extreme Noise

The first of this month marks the 20th anniversary of Minneapolis’ collectively-run punk rock record store Extreme Noise. They are an awesome institution that we locals take for granted, which record collectors in other cities would love to have. The celebration was launched last night at the Triple Rock Social Club with an awesome show featuring a documentary about the 90s Minneapolis punk scene (When we Play for Real by Patti Rhodes) and sets by classic local hardcore bands including Code 13.

The big feature of tonight’s show is the Strike, a band we last remember seeing play around 2001. They are just one of eight bands on the bill, but their reunion is also exciting to some other folks, such as City Pages writer Zach McCormick, who came by last month to ask why we love this band so much. His story about the Strike ran in this week’s paper (online here). Zach must have seen our post on the Hymies blog about the first Strike album, A Conscience Left to Struggle with Pockets Full of Rust (which was three and a half years ago, here).

Yes, we are eager to sing along with “Kicking Ass for the Working Class” one more time, but the total bill of bands celebrating the anniversary of Extreme Noise is exciting: Dillinger Four, The Strike, Man Afraid, Threadbare, Dirt Poor, Scooby Don’t, Kung Fools and Bombsite.

It’s okay if you don’t remember them, but fun if you do. Maybe we were at some of the same shows in the 90s. Those couple bands in the middle are the ones we remember being especially awesome. Dirt Poor is the band that once appeared outside a Supersuckers show at the Uptown Bar in a UHaul and rocked until the generator burned out, which was just enough time for one song. That was just enough time to make them legendary as far as we’re concerned.

Scooby Don’t had only a handful of tracks scattered over several records, so they’re comparatively even more unknown today than the Strike. Scooby Don’t is best remembered for hosting bands from all over their country (with local band support, of course) in their basement, which was one of the best venues in the modern history of Minneapolis.

Two of their best songs were on a compilation LP put out by a resident of the Scooby Don’t House, Lantz, who at the time was playing drums (“jarums” on one record) for the Totallies. We’re Addicted to DayQuil! was not as famous as the No Slow, All Go! compilation featured in the City Pages article linked above, but we love it just as much.


Once again, Benny K has a CD release show here in the shop this evening at 5pm. Nate Houge will perform an opening set. You’ll still have plenty of time to get to the Triple Rock and sing along to “Kicking Ass for the Working Class” with us.


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