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Here are a few of the photographs taken by Craig Willford at our block party last month.

The crowd enjoying Charlie Parr’s opening set.

Reina del Cid.

Clarinetist Tony Baluff surveying the crowd just before the Southside Aces’ stunning set. They are one of our absolute favorite bands in the Twin Cities!

Jim Blaha works the pedal board for a captivating opening to the Blind Shake’s set.

Farewell Milwaukee.

Performing inside the shop is Mikkel Beckmen and Mike Munson. We’re very excited to hear Mike’s new album!

Our old friend Ben Weaver has performed at six of the seven block parties hosted at Hymies on Record Store Day. The one year he missed was when he was touring the country on his bicycle.

Once again, thanks to everyone who came to the block party. A special thanks to all of those who performed, who helped make it happen, and all the amazing people we see here throughout the year!



“The Mother’s Club” is a routine by George Carlin and Jack Burns, first appearing on a now-rare LP in 1963. At the height of Carlin’s popularity it was reissued twice, as The Original George Carlin and as Killer Carlin.

Around the time the reissues appeared, Burns was the head writer for the first season The Muppet Show, amongst other television credits.

We hope those of you out there have a better Mother’s Day than poor Mrs. Thompkins from the “Mother’s Club.”

Whiskey Jeff Lonesome Stoned and DrunkTonight at the Reverie Cafe and Bar on Nicollet Avenue you can hear two bands who have released albums on the Hymies Records label. Fletcher Magellan will be playing a farewell show before leaving to work in Alaska for the summer, and our old friend Whiskey Jeff is back from Australia after a long year away. A new improved Beer Back Band has been eagerly anticipating his return!



Fletcher Magellan’s single on our label was released earlier this year. We also recommend you check out his full length album, Became a Stranger (online here). We liked it so much we offered to put out his next single. We’ll miss him over the summer but we look forward to hearing a whole bunch of new songs in the fall!


And his fourth album is forty-six years old. Of course, most of the songs on his albums were already hits for other artists. In addition to his long association with Dionne Warwick, he also wrote songs for artists like Marty Robbins and Dusty Springfield. He is probably one of the most-covered songwriters in American history.

Actually, if we had to choose a favorite Burt Bacharach record, it would be the soundtrack to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, but all his movie scores are pretty great.

We got a copy of the Moana soundtrack for our daughter as a gift. The album is all the rage to the pre-teen set, and the songs really are pretty funny. This set us to pulling out some of the story records in her collection which she has outgrown, but which we all enjoyed hearing again. Near the top of the list are the 7-inch records of Arnold Lobel reading his short stories about Frog and Toad, two best friends who have all kinds of adventures together. Here are three of his stories about Frog and Toad.

From this “Toy Polloi” video on Youtube, we find that the Empire has harnessed the power of the record player!

We have a bad feeling about this.

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