Cause – Effect

On Sunday I wrote a post about a local band announcing its break-up.  I was genuinely disappointed by the news and I wished them well.  Specifically, I wrote that I hope they go out gracefully, like the Beatles did at the end of Abbey Road.  I also included a counter-example, a track from this record

Cut the Crap is most remembered for the absence of two founding members, Topper Headon and especially Mick Jones.  It’s a bastard child, given just how much the five actual Clash records have brought solace and happiness to fans like myself.  Cut the Crap was not mentioned in the 2000 documentary about the group, Westway to the World, and no track from it has appeared on a Clash compilation.  Of all the records I actually keep on my shelves it is surpassed in total awful-ness only by Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music, and yet my enormous admiration for the band compels me to keep it.

I meant it as a joke.

Yesterday Mick Jones came into the record shop and bought a stack of records.  I’m not making this up.

So I got to meet Mick Jones, which was probably the coolest thing that has ever happened.  I was super nervous and trying my best to not say anything like “I’m your biggest fan”, so I didn’t tell him about all the sweet bands in Minneapolis.  Some of them have records in the shop and they would have loved it if I gave a copy to Mick Jones and I didn’t because I was nervous.  Sorry guys.  I wish I had endorsed our local sound a little more but at least I didn’t make an ass of myself.

Since posting a track from Cut the Crap brought Mick Jones to our shop, today I’m going to post this song

why cant this be love

And tomorrow I’m going to post a picture of David Lee Roth at Hymie’s.

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