There was a recent piece on the City Pages’ Gimme Noise blog that listed 50 cool facts about our local music scene, and I’ve heard a lot of comments about what was missing from the list. Most of them fall into the “you wouldn’t understand because you’re too young/old category”.

I thought about a lot of additions to Andrea Swensson’s list – Like the Bombshelter riot in 1997, the fact that Superchunk’s 1995 set at First Avenue was so good they’re releasing a recording this week, or the enduring awesomeness of “Spider” John Koerner – but I couldn’t settle on a single choice. The thing that’s so wonderful about living in Minneapolis is that there are so many wonderful things. It’s easy to take them for granted. It’s almost like great music is just rolling past all the time…

(Cadillac Kolstad at the May Day Parade – You can see him every Sunday night at the Nomad Pub on Cedar Ave.)

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