Building blocks

Our eleven year old son loves his Legos. A few years ago he built an amazing scale model of the record store.

photo 1

All the Legos are still there, but the little store has been disassembled and built into something new time and time again. At eleven Gus has a better grasp on the ongoing impermanence of life than either of us.

As our old friend Ben Weaver sang, “It takes a fire to open up the seed of the pine.” That song (“Frank’s Getaway Car”) appears on an album we released on the Hymies label five years ago. Ironically, it was a fire, an actual fire, that led us here to the record store in the first place. Out of the darkness of our despair we found solace, friendship and healing here at Hymie’s. So much has happened it hard to imagine its only been a decade and some. It’s been, well, a long, strange trip.

It’s time for us to build something new, but fortunately we don’t have to disassemble the actual record store as we depart. Maybe we’ll make a spaceship, or maybe a getaway car of our own. There are some nice folks who will be taking over the record store this week, and we’re certain it will remain the magical place it has always been — “A crossroads of the Universe,” a friend once called it. This is Laura and Dave, and Gus and Nova, and of course Irene, signing out.

Thanks for sharing some songs with us. It really has been a long, strange trip.

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