Rerun: The Black Hole

True story: Last winter we finally convinced my mother to give our kids the Star Wars guys from my childhood. They had spent most of my adult life in a JC Penny shirt box in my brother’s basement, and we’ll admit it’s been a little nerve-wracking to watch our four year old monster pummel them, bury them in sand, and contort them into horrible positions.

In the box of “guys” was an odd man out – a Black Hole action figure. Do you remember The Black Hole? If you do you’re my age, and you probably remember it as Disney’s creepy answer to Star Wars. My brother Paul and I loved it growing up, and somewhere along the way the movie went out of print and became forgotten to an entire generation. We suppose that’s why they never made a prequel.

So Gus was fascinated by this guy, who clearly didn’t belong. Who was this outcast?! We went to our neighborhood video store (which used to be a family-owned shop and is now a weirdly monolithic franchise) and, kids in tow, ask the clerk if they had The Black Hole.

“Is it a porno?” he asks.

“No, it’s a kids movie.”

And he checks the computer, only to find they don’t have it. We went home and watched the movie online. Learned a lesson about taking the kids to the video store, we guess. Also learned that we’re still afraid of Maximillan.

So the real highlight of today’s post is the Black Hole storybook record. Unlike the Star Wars records we’ve posted (here and here), this one has the film’s cast. It’s a great interpretation of the story, and it kind of captures the Buck Rogers radio program excitement. We really loved this album growing up, in part because it’s less weird than the movie. Here’s The Black Hole:

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    I remember my parents dragging me to see Kramer vs. Kramer because they were getting a divorce and thought the movie would help me better understand why. The Black Hole was playing in the other theater and I BEGGED them to let me go see that instead. All the kids were in that line! They refused and I was forced to watch Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep get divorced instead.


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